Inspection Services

unmanned Drone / UAV remote aerial inspection is available in Kansas City as a powerful cost effective safe alternative to risking the crew of a manned helicopter in some tight or other wise risky locations. Our mini flying drone is capable of capturing high resolution digital images feet away from the problem getting clients a close up view of the damage allowing a more accurate detailed report with out the risk of human life and is a powerful tool as as an alternative to a helicopter.

  • Crane Inspection
    – Smoke Stack Inspection
    – Power Line Aerial Inspection
    – Pipe Lines
    – Wind Farm / Wind Mill Aerial Inspection
    – Roof top damage Inspection
    – Solar Panel Inspection
    – Refinery Flare Tip Inspection
    – Bridge Aerial Inspection
    – Search and rescue
    – Insurance companies to inspect damage
    – Any application requiring aerial video or still photography via remote drone